Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi to all my friends...
Share something again..about my working place..
The BIGGEST flextronics in South Asia..
FLextronics PTP, Port of Tanjung Pelepas..

Huh...After aircond unit was spoilt cause of Chiller or transformer down and still waiting to recover now other thing comes.. one of pipe is leakage and all production area is in flood situation... now all cleaner dept working hard to dry up all area...

About fengshui...
now 2 of 5 element hit the factory... 1. wind(aircond) and 2. water... and dun know what will comes after,earth or gold.. For sure gold will come for us.because this sunday need to comeback for work and claim Overtime for that day.... Hehe...

1 week Flextronics stop the production and total loss is not predictable..
Herewith photo during this disaster.

pic 1, cleaner team working hard.

pic 2, production area..flood now

pic3, top of flextronics (main roof) for GPS installation
pic 4, can see all PTP from roof..

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