Friday, March 13, 2009

New schedule for next exam..

Wish luck for me k..Thanks.


  1. When you’re thru changing… you’re thru…packing the power of possibility thinking into your life!

    The demanding person runs into resistance
    The defeated person runs into indifferent
    The dedicated person runs into help!
    Why quit when things are going to change for the better?
    Every end is a new beginning!!

    Say “farewell to failure”!
    Say, “hello to success”!
    Now come alive with hope!
    Success is never ending
    Failure is never final!

  2. Today is a new day!!
    The sun is shining, the sky is blue!
    There’s a new day dawning for me and you.
    With every dawning of the sun
    New possibilities have just begun.
    With every breaking of the morn
    Fresh opportunities are newly born.
    Whatever you do today,
    Do it better tomorrow…