Thursday, February 26, 2009

mY BestFriend now leaving..

Today my best friend leaving me.. Dia last day keja...
My best friend name is Baskar.. kami kenal semasa stdy di utm...
from sijil until diploma will still together n sampai kami berkerja dalam satu office.. But now setelah genap setahun dia kerja bersama2 akhirnya dia berhenti kerja..untuk mengejar cita2 dia..He got new job in KL in Celcom company..

Hari ini rasa macam hari yang suram, sunyi..n sepi..bila orang yang rapat dengan kita mula berjauhan dari kita.. Sedih sangat must be going on..

To Baskar..
Im wish u sood luck for everything u do..n success...and im want say sorry if in time we friends i have make u upset or angry..but truly from my heart u are my best friend forever..Just keep in touch...
n many2 thanks fro u coz be my friend..that is wonderful thing i have..


  1. aman, damia dedicate these two poems for ur frenship with Baskar..ur best fren

    The best of friends,
    Can change a frown,
    Into a smile,
    when you feel down.
    The best of friends,
    Will understand,
    Your little trials,
    And lend a hand.
    The best of friends,
    Will always share,
    Your secret dreams,
    Because they care.
    The best of friends,
    Worth more than gold,
    Give all the love,
    A heart can hold.

    Everyone should have
    a friend like you
    You are so much fun to be with
    And you are such a good person
    You crack me up with laughter
    And touch my heart with your kindness
    You have a wonderful ability
    To know when to offer advice
    And when to sit in quiet support
    Time after time
    You've come to my rescue
    And brightend so many
    Of my routine days
    And time after time
    I've realized how fortunate
    I am that my life includes you
    I really do believe that
    Everybody should have a friend like you
    But so far it looks like
    You are one of a kind

  2. this one damia dedicates for both of us..about our frenship.. you & me.. smile k :)jgn sedih2 tau..

    A true friend never walks away
    A true will always stay
    A true friend looks out for you
    A true friend will guard your secrets
    Like a precious gift
    A true friend is there for you
    To give you a helpful lift
    A true friend tries to make you smile
    Tries to replace that frown
    They may not always succeed
    But they rarely let you down
    These arms for you are open
    This heart for you does care
    And when I think you need me
    I'll try to always be there
    I'll listen to your fears
    I promise not to laugh
    Comfort your falling tears
    I'll make this friendship last
    I'll keep you near to my heart
    I'll always hold you
    Even when we're miles apart
    Even when you're here
    I hope I am to you
    Everything you are to me
    For the friendship we have
    Is a special one indeed.